@Article{taiwania2023683355, AUTHOR = {Bin Yang, Li-Yan Wang, Ma-Mai Yue, Xing-Da Ma, Yong-Jing-Wen Yang, Jun-Na Ma, Qiang-Bang Gong, Yun-Juan Zuo, Yun-Hong Tan}, TITLE = {Agapetes lihengiana (Ericaceae), a new species from Yunnan, China}, JOURNAL = {Taiwania}, VOLUME = {68}, YEAR = {2023}, ISSUE = {3}, PAGES = {355-358}, URL = {https://taiwania.ntu.edu.tw/abstract/1947}, ABSTRACT = {Agapetes lihengiana Bin Yang & Y.H.Tan (Ericaceae) is described and illustrated as a new species endemic to Yunnan, China. It is morphologically similar to A. epacridea Airy Shaw and A. trianguli Airy Shaw, but clearly differs in having flowers with shorter pedicel and white corolla with 5 vertical pink stripes, and conspicuous secondary veins on the abaxial surface of leaf blades. A detailed description, colour plates, and notes on the new species are provided.}, DOI = {10.6165/tai.2023.68.355} }