@Article{taiwania2023683368, AUTHOR = {Cheng Liu, Shi-Wei Guo, Jin-Ping Zhang, Jie Cai}, TITLE = {Mitreola viridiflora (Loganiaceae), a new species from southern Yunnan, China}, JOURNAL = {Taiwania}, VOLUME = {68}, YEAR = {2023}, ISSUE = {3}, PAGES = {368-371}, URL = {https://taiwania.ntu.edu.tw/abstract/1949}, ABSTRACT = {Mitreola viridiflora, a new endemic species from southern Yunnan, China, is described and illustrated. It is morphologically similar to M. crystallina, M. pedicellata and M. reticulata, but can be distinguished from them by its urceolate yellow-green corolla, ovate-triangular corolla lobes, stamens inserted near middle of corolla tube, style much longer than ovary.}, DOI = {10.6165/tai.2023.68.368} }