%0 Journal Article %A Rene Vincent B. Tad-o %A Joanna I. Alafag %A Jones T. Napaldet %T Boesenbergia igorota (Zingiberaceae), a new species from the Cordillera Central Range, Northern Philippines %D 2022 %J Taiwania %V 67 %N 3 %P 311-317 %U https://taiwania.ntu.edu.tw/abstract/1843 %X Recent botanical explorations in the province of Benguet, Philippines have resulted in the discovery of a new ginger species, namely Boesenbergia igorota Tad-o & Napal., which is described and illustrated here, including the information on its phenology, ecology, conservation status, distribution, habitat, and surrounding floral species. %M doi:10.6165/tai.2022.67.311