%0 Journal Article %A Yuda R. Yudistira %A Firman H. Kurniawan %A Wendy A. Mustaqim %T Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae) of Indonesian Borneo: a new species and first record for B. lyriforme %D 2022 %J Taiwania %V 67 %N 4 %P 544-551 %U https://taiwania.ntu.edu.tw/abstract/1872 %X A new species of orchid, Bulbophyllum pulanense, is described based on specimens collected from Kapuas Hulu Regency, Kalimantan Barat Province of Indonesian Borneo. Bulbophyllum lyriforme, is also presented here as a new record for Borneo, formerly only known from cultivated plants collected from New Guinea. Both species are described and illustrated with both line drawings and photographs. %M doi:10.6165/tai.2022.67.544