%0 Journal Article %A Zhang-Ping Huang %A Jia-Hui Li %A Hui-Min Li %A Yu-Song Huang %A Cui Li %A Zhan-Jiang Zhang %A Qiang Zhang %A Bo Pan %A Yong-Bin Lu %T Hemiboea liana (Gesneriaceae): A new species from northern Guangxi, China %D 2024 %J Taiwania %V 69 %N 2 %P 229-236 %U https://taiwania.ntu.edu.tw/abstract/1996 %X Hemiboea liana, a species of Gesneriaceae new to science found in northern Guangxi, China, is described and illustrated. While sharing morphological similarities with H. chanii and H. sinovietnamica, the new species can be distinguished by a distinct combination of traits, such as its brown rounded squared hard stem and trigonous purple-light brown involucre. Detailed information is provided, including a morphological description, illustrations, diagnostic comparisons, and a molecular phylogenetic analysis placing the new species among 30 out of 44 species currently recognized in Hemiboea. %M doi:10.6165/tai.2024.69.229