%0 Journal Article %A Fouziya Saleem %A Lal Ji Singh %A Arun K. Pandey %T Crotalaria andamanica (Fabaceae): A new species of rattle pod from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India %D 2024 %J Taiwania %V 69 %N 1 %P 67-73 %U https://taiwania.ntu.edu.tw/abstract/1978 %X Crotalaria andamanica F. Saleem, L.J. Singh, & A. K. Pandey is described and illustrated as a new species from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. The habitat, ecology, distribution and conservation status are briefly discussed. The new species closely resembles with the species of the section Calycinae Wight & Arnott (1834), C. acicularis Buch.-Ham. ex Benth. and C. prostrata Rottler ex Willd. but differs in morphological characters like habit up to 150 cm, densely hairy, leaf 10–20 mm long, acute at apex, obtuse at base, ensiform stipule, 4–8 number of flowers per inflorescence, calyx equal, hairy, attenuate, standard obovate, apex retuse, pod elliptic. %M doi:10.6165/tai.2024.69.67