TY -JOUR AU -Hong-Bo Ding AU -Jin-Chao Zhao AU -Xiao-Dong Zeng AU -Jian-Wu Li AU -Yun-Hong Tan TI -Aeschynanthus wangii (Gesneriaceae), a new species from Yunnan Province, China PY -2024 DA -2024-04-02 JO -Taiwania VL -69 IS -2 SP -133 EP -137 UR -https://taiwania.ntu.edu.tw/abstract/1987 AB -Aeschynanthus wangii Y.H.Tan & H.B.Ding, a new species of Gesneriaceae from Yunnan Province, China, is described and illustrated here. The new species morphologically resembles A. angustioblongus W.T.Wang and A. stenosepalus J.Anthony, but is significantly different from them by having lanceolate leaves with long caudate apex, brownish yellow corolla with five dark red lines from the middle of corolla tube to the top of the lobes, and calyx lobes slightly fused into calyx tube (2–4 mm) at the base. DO -10.6165/tai.2024.69.133