The genus Lecanorchis Blume (Orchidaceae) in the flora of Vietnam

Ba Vuong Truong, Tian Chuan Hsu, Van Huong Bui, Bao Ngan Tu, Van Son Dang, Hong Truong Luu, Kenji Sutsugu

Published on: 17 January 2020

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2020.65.86

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2020 vol.65 no.1 pp.86-94


Diversity and taxonomy of the mycoheterotrophic genus Lecanorchis (Orchidaceae) in Vietnam is reappraised. Four species are confirmed, including two new records, L. moritae Suetsugu & T.C. Hsu and L. taiwaniana S.S. Ying. In addition, the occurrence of L. nigricans Honda in Vietnam is supported by image records, but further confirmation is still needed. Data of nomenclature, ecology, phenology, distribution, voucher specimens and brief taxonomic notes are provided for all Vietnamese species.

Keyword: Orchidaceae, Lecanorchis, new record, Vietnam