Research Paper

New and noteworthy orchids (Orchidaceae) discovered in Langbiang Plateau, southern Vietnam 1

Tian-Chuan Hsu, Cheng-Wei Chen, Hsin-Chieh Hung, Nguyen Khanh Trinh Tram, Quang Cuong Truong, Hong Truong Luu, Chia-Wei Li

Published on: 17 April 2020

Page: 237 - 248

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2020.65.237

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2020 vol.65 no.2 pp.237-248


Recent field expeditions in Langbiang Plateau of southern Vietnam resulted in new data for the orchid flora of Vietnam. Two new species (Nervilia pubilabia and Panisea sagittata), two new national records (Cheirostylis tortilacinia and Goodyera reticulata) and the rediscovery of a supposedly extinct species (Liparis nana) are reported, and background data about their morphology, biogeography, ecology, conservation and taxonomy are also provided.

Keyword: Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park, Indochina, new records, new species, rediscovered species, Orchidaceae, taxonomy