Research Paper

Alangium confertiflorum, a new species of Alangium sect. Alangium (Cornaceae) from China-Laos transboundary region

Hong-Bo Ding, Bin Yang, Ping-Yuan Wang, Zhong-Li Gan, Guang Yan, Xiao-Qiang Lu, Yun-Hong Tan

Published on: 19 October 2020

Page: 517 - 520

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2020.65.517

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2020 vol.65 no.4 pp.517-520


Alangium confertiflorum Y.H.Tan & H.B.Ding, a new species of Alangium section Alangium (Cornaceae) from China-Laos transboundary region, is described and illustrated here. The similarities and differences with closest allied species in the section Alangium, A. amplum Wilde & Duyfjes and A. indochinense Wilde & Duyfjes are discussed. The new species is assessed as Endangered (EN) following the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria.

Keyword: Alangium confertiflorum, Alangium amplum, Alangium indochinense, taxonomy