Research Paper

New additions of Crepidium, Goodyera, and Platanthera (Orchidaceae) to the orchid flora of Taiwan

Tsan-Piao Lin

Published on: 02 January 2021

Page: 11 - 19

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2021.66.11

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2021 vol.66 no.1 pp.11-19


This report presents 2 new orchids from Taiwan, viz., Goodyera similis var. similoides T.P. Lin, and Platanthera quadricalcarata T.P. Lin, and 1 natural hybrid Crepidium ×cordilabium T.P. Lin. Bulbophyllum maxi W.M. Lin ex. T.P. Lin is emended with a new definition. Nervilia taiwaniana S.S. Ying was found to be synonymous with N. taitoensis Hayata.

Keyword: Crepidium ×cordilabium, Goodyera similis var. similoides, Platanthera quadricalcarata, Bulbophyllum maxi, Nervilia taitoensis