Research Paper

Ceropegia ansariana (Apocynaceae: Ceropegieae), a new species from Mizoram, Northeast India

Maruthakkutti Murugesan, Ashiho A. Mao

Published on: 23 March 2021

Page: 121 - 125

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2021.66.121

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2021 vol.66 no.2 pp.121-125


Ceropegia ansariana (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae: Ceropegieae: Chionopegia: Macranthae), a new species is described and illustrated from Blue mountain forests in Champhai district of Mizoram, Northeast India. The new species is superficially similar to Ceropegia khasiana Murug. et al., but it can be distinguished easily by its longer and fewer fascicled roots, 3–15-flowered cymes with 1–3 flowers open at a time, smaller greenish flowers 3.7–4.5 cm long, greenish with purplish maroon streaked and blotched on outer surface of corolla tube, greenish and shorter ovate-lanceolate corolla lobes, shorter inflated base with a few downwardly pointed hairs of different length at the throat and shorter and sparsely ciliate corona lobes. Detailed descriptions, photographic illustrations, phenology and a note on conservation status are provided here.

Keyword: Asia, Blue Mountain forests, Ceropegia khasiana, Ceropegieae-Stapeliinae, Champhai district, Flora of India