Research Paper

Saxifraga sunhangiana (Saxifragaceae), a new species from Gansu, China

Xin-Jian Zhang, Tian-hui Kuang, Jun-Tong Chen, Li-Juan Li, Jing-Yi Peng, Kailang Guan, Xian-Han Huang, Heng-Chang Wang, Tao Deng

Published on: 03 March 2022

Page: 195 - 200

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2022.67.195

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2022 vol.67 no.2 pp.195-200


Saxifraga sunhangiana, a new species of the genus Saxifraga sect. Irregulares (Saxifragaceae) from Gansu, China, is described and illustrated. This species is distinguishable by its abaxial leaf surface with singularly long white villous hairs and rather long rhizomes. Morphological and molecular data indicate that S. sunhangiana belongs to S. sect. Irregulares, and closely related to S. rufescens. The new species differs from S. rufescens by its terminal flower with two elongated, fusiform-lanceolate petals and leaves with glabrous petiole.

Keyword: Irregulares, ITS sequences, Saxifraga fortune, S. rufescens, taxonomy, phylogeny