Research Paper

Iris calcicola (Iridaceae), a new species from limestone areas of northern Guangxi, China based on morphological and molecular evidence

Zhao-Cen Lu, Zhang-Ping Huang, Ping Yang, Yan Liu

Published on: 25 March 2022

Page: 211 - 216

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2022.67.211

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2022 vol.67 no.2 pp.211-216


Iris calcicola Z.C.Lu, Z.P.Huang & Yan Liu, a new species of Iris sect. Lophiris was found from limestone areas of Guangxi, China. Iris calcicola is similar to Iris japonica Thunb., but differs by its inflorescence simple; flowering stems ascendent, with 2–5 branches; spathes 2, narrowly lanceolate, 2–3.8 cm long, 1–2 (3)-flowered, apex acuminate; flower segments obliquely ascending, not spreading when blooming; pedicel enveloped by spathes or subequal to spathes; outer segments elliptic, with prominent, irregular, yellow crest.

Keyword: Iris japonica, Iris formosana, Iris sect. Lophiris, ITS, molecular phylogeny, taxonomy, trnL-F