Research Paper

A new species of Isodon (Lamiaceae) from Indian Eastern Himalaya

Vinay Ranjan, Gopal Krishna,, Anant Kumar

Published on: 01 May 2022

Page: 260 - 266

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2022.67.260

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2022 vol.67 no.2 pp.260-266


Isodon neorensis, a new species from Eastern Himalaya of India has been described and illustrated here based on its morphology. A weak, short lived herbaceous species was collected from Neora Valley National Park, Darjeeling, India. Inflorescence, dark red colour flower, calyx without septate-villose hairs at base, stamens glabrous at base, and not exserted filaments are some important diagnostic features besides substantial morphological differences with allied species. The identification key to Indian Eastern Himalayan species of Isodon, distribution map, photo plate, illustration is also provided.

Keyword: Darjeeling, Eastern Himalaya, India, Isodon atroruber, I. neorensis, I. lophanthoides, Neora Valley National Park