Research Paper

Observations on protoplasts of Chinese cabbage and Chinese chive

Yung-Reui-Chen, Chi-Ming Yang

Published on: March 1979

Page: 47 - 53

DOI: 10.6165/tai.1979.24.47

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1979 vol.24 no.1 pp.47-53


Enzymatic isolation of protoplasts from young tissue of Chinese cabbage (Brassica pekinensis Rupr.) and Chinese chive (Allium odorum L.) has been studied. Different osmotica show variability in quantities of protoplasts. Chinese cabbage gives a good yield of protoplasts (10 9 cells/g tissue), but Chinese cghive is poor (10 6 cell/g tissue). Spontaneous fusion of protoplasts occurs and its frequency increases with the prolongation of time. Induced fusion of protoplasts by PEG enhances the fusion frequency drastically (50%-70%). Vital staining with neutral red distinguishes between homokaryotic and heterokayrotic fusion. No heterokaryotic fusion occurring between protoplasts from these has been observed.