Research Paper

The Boletes of Taiwan (Ⅹ)

Chien-Ming Chen, Kai-Wun Yeh and Hoang-Kao Hsu

Published on: June 1998

Page: 140 - 149

DOI: 10.6165/tai.1998.43(2).140


Six species of boletes are described as new records to Taiwan. They are Boletellus projectelus (Murrill) Singer, Boletellus russellii (Frost) Gilbert, Heimiella nigricans Zang, Strobilomyces confusus Singer, Strobilomyces nigricans Berk. And Strobilomyces seminudus Hongo.


本文描述在台灣首次被發現的六種牛肝菌新紀錄種,分別是突緣條孢牛肝菌 ( Boletellus projectellus (Murrill) Singer)、金黃條孢牛肝菌 (Boletellus russellii (Frost) Gilbert)、黑圓花孢牛肝菌 (Heimiella nigricans Zang)、多型松塔牛肝菌 (Strobilomyces confusus Sing.)、 黑松塔牛肝菌 (Strobilomyces nigricans Berk.) 及半裸松塔牛肝菌 ( Strobilomyces seminudus Hongo)。 關鍵詞:松塔牛肝菌科,台灣。

Keyword: Strobilomycetaceae, Taiwan.

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