Research Paper

Diatoms in Liyu Lake, Eastern Taiwan

Liang-Chi Wang, Teh-Quei Lee, Su-Hwa Chen and Jiunn-Tzong Wu

Published on: 15 September 2010

Page: 228 - 242

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2010.55(3).228


This study described the diatoms appeared in the sediments of Liyu Lake, a lowland natural lake situated at Hualen, eastern Taiwan. A total of 50 species was found in the sediments of this eutrophic lake. In them, 8 species were reported for the first time in Taiwan. They are: Cymbella thienemannii, Navicula absoluta, Navicula bacillum, Frustulia rhomboides var. crassinervia, Gyrosigma procerum, Nitzschia paleacea Epithemia smithii and Eunotia subarcuatioides. The ultrastructures of each species were described on the basis of observations under a scanning electron microscope. The ecological implications of the occurrence of these diatom species in this lake were inferred.


本研究記述位於台灣東部低海拔區域的天然湖泊,花蓮鯉魚潭,其湖積物內的矽藻組成。在這優養化湖泊的沉積物內共有50 種矽藻被紀錄。其中有8 種是台灣新紀錄種,分別是Cymbella thienemannii,Navicula absoluta,Navicula bacillum, Frustulia rhomboides var. crassinervia , Gyrosigma procerum , Nitzschia paleacea Epithemia smithii 與Eunotia subarcuatioides。基於掃描式電子顯微鏡的觀察,我們描述了每一個種類的超微結構,並推論在本湖泊內矽藻種類其存在的生態意涵。

Keyword: Diatoms, Liyu Lake, lacustrine sediment, inland lake, Taiwan.

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