Research Paper

A new taxon of Lysionotus (Gesneriaceae) from Northeastern India

Alfred Joe, Vadakkoot Sankaran Hareesh and Mamiyil Sabu

Published on: 05 October 2017

Page: 337 - 339

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2017.62.337


Lysionotus gamosepalus var. biflorus, a new variety from northeastern India is described and illustrated with photographs. Information on its ecology is provided. The new taxon is morphologically similar to L. gamosepalus var. gamosepalus but can be easily distinguished by a combination of characters such as un-branched pair-flowered cyme, hairy corolla and two coiled staminodes.

Keyword: Arunachal Pradesh, Gesneriaceae, India, Lysionotus gamosepalus var. biflorus, New variety

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