Research Paper

Four new Cryptocoryne (Araceae) from Sumatera, Indonesia: a new variety and three interspecific natural hybrids

Suwidji Wongso, Ni Putu Sri Asih, Jan D. Bastmeijer, Karen Rysbjerg Jsensen, William Reichert, Marian Ørgaard, Niels Jacobsen

Published on: 26 July 2019

Page: 326 - 338

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2019.64.326


A new diploid variety, Cryptocoryne cordata var. wellyi from the Riau Province in Sumatera is described. Three interspecific natural hybrids are also described: the diploid C. ×ardyi, the triploid C. ×jambiensis and the tetraploid C. ×zukalii nothovar. sumateraensis, of which the tetraploid hybrid involves C. cordata var. diderici as one parent. The hybrids are sterile but propagate vegetatively, forming large stands. A key to the Cryptocoryne taxa of Sumatera is provided.

Keyword: Chromosome number, Cryptocoryne, Interspecific hybrids, Pollen fertility, Pollen stainability, Sumatera, Variety

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