Research Paper

Medinilla vexillifer (Melastomataceae: Dissochaeteae), an elegant new species from the Philippines

Che-Wei Lin, Rosario Rivera Rubite

Published on: 24 February 2020

Page: 149 - 153

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2020.65.149


Medinilla vexillifer C.W. Lin & Rubite (Melastomataceae) from the Philippines is a new species described and illustrated. It most resembles M. calcicola Merr., but differs in its shorter petioles that are 0.2−0.8 (vs. 1−2) cm long, lanceolate to ovate (vs. obovate) leaf lamina, cordate (vs. acute to acuminate) leaf base, upper leaf surface that is densely covered with brownish-yellow stellate and dendroid trichomes (vs. glabrous leaf surfaces), terminal or axillary (vs. only axillary) inflorescences, to 15 (vs. 2−2.5) cm long, and 4- or 5-merous (vs. 5-merous) flowers. This exquisite species has hairy leaves and apendulous inflorescence with bright pink bracts and white petals. The bracts are long-persistent and last for about five months, which may result in its high horticultural potential.

Keyword: Dissochaeteae, Medinilla, Melastomataceae, Luzon, new species, Philippines

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