Research Paper

An account of Section Crispidium of Fissidens Subgen. Pachyissidens in Western Ghats of India with description of a new variety and an extension range

Kurungottu Muliyil Manjula, Chandrasekharan Nair Manju

Published on: 10 June 2020

Page: 295 - 314

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2020.65.295


The present paper provides an account of section Crispidium (Müll. Hal.) Pursell & Brugg.-Nann. of Fissidens Hedw. subgenus Pachyfissidens (Müll. Hal.) Kindb. in Western Ghats, India along with description of a new variety F. crispulus var. nelliampathiae. Fissidens subangustus Fleisch. is also recorded here as new report for Kerala State. A brief taxonomic description, line drawing illustration and identification key to the species of the section are provided to facilitate their future easier identification.

Keyword: Fissidens, F. crispulus var. nelliampathiae, India, Pachyissidens, taxanomic key, Western Ghats

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