2021 vol.66 no.1

Research Paper

Taxonomic revision of the genus Cautleya (Zingiberaceae) in India with a description of a new variety

Kizhakkethil Aishwarya, Mamiyil Sabu

Published on: 02 March 2021

Page: 79 - 88

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2021.66.79

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2021 vol.66 no.1 pp.79-88



The genus Cautleya (Royle ex Benth.) Hook.f. in India is revised. The present study recognizes four taxa in the genus, including a new variety, Cautleya gracilis var. hispida Aishwarya & M.Sabu. The new variety is recognized mainly based on the relative length of corolla tube with calyx of the taxa under study. The corolla tube of the new variety is as long as its calyx, unlike those of the other taxa of the species C. gracilis. Keys to the taxa are also provided along with their detailed description and colour photographs.

Keyword: Cautleya gracilis var. hispida, Cautleya spicata, new variety, West Bengal, morphology, type, key



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