Research Paper

New species and new records in the lichen genus Rinodina (Physciaceae) from India

Vishal Kumar, Roshinikumar Ngangom, Sanjeeva Nayaka, Komal K. Ingle

Published on: 19 April 2021

Page: 193 - 202

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2021.66.193


A new species, Rinodina indica Vishal Kumar, R. Ngangom & Nayaka is described from India. It is characterized by ochraceous, areolate, blastidiate thallus with brown, 1-septate Teichophila-type ascospores. Eight additional species of the genus viz., R. archaea (Ach.) Arnold, R. dolichospora Malme, R. mniaroeiza (Nyl.) Arnold, R. obnascens (Nyl.) H. Olivier, R. oleae Bagl., R. plana H. Magn., R. pyrina (Ach.) Arnold and R. trevisanii (Hepp) Körb., are reported for the first time from India. Detailed description, illustration and distribution for new species and new records are provided. A key to all species of Rinodina presently known from India is also provided.

Keyword: Biodiversity, Caliciales, lichenized fungi, Rinodina herrei, Rinodina indica, revision, taxonomy

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