Research Paper

Nomenclatural novelties in Wikstroemia (Thymelaeaceae) of Zhejiang, China

Yi-Fei Lu, Lin Chen, Feng Lin, Zheng-Hai Chen, Xiao-Feng Jin

Published on: 13 September 2021

Page: 427 - 432

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2021.66.427


Wikstroemia zhejiangensis (Thymelaeaceae: Thymelaeoideae), a new endemic species from Zhejiang, China, is described and illustrated. Wikstroemia gaomushanensis is a new combination based on Daphne gaomushanensis. Owning to the four stamens alternating with the calyx lobes, and cup-like disk scales, these two species do not fit into an existing section. Therefore, a new section of Wikstroemia, sect. Zhejiangenses, is identified. Notes on the distribution, ecology, conservation status, and pollen micromorphology of Wikstroemia zhejiangensis and W. gaomushanensis are provided.

Keyword: China, Daphne, new combination, new section, new species, taxonomy, Wikstroemia zhejiangensis, Zhejiang

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