Research Paper

A new species of Lysionotus (Gesneriaceae) from northern Vietnam

The Doi Bui, Huu Cuong Nguyen, Leonid V. Averyanov, Tatiana V. Maisak, Sinh Khang Nguyen

Published on: 07 June 2022

Page: 322 - 325

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2022.67.322


Lysionotus hagiangensis, a new species from northern Vietnam, is described and illustrated. It morphologically resembles L. chatungii and L. petelotii, but differs markedly by the character of leaf, inflorescence, corolla color, the shape of stamens, and the number of well developed staminodes. We provide detailed information, including morphological descriptions, illustrations, pictures, and information about the habitat of the new species. Lysionotus hagiangensis is confined to a small area of Cao Ma Po Commune, and further explorations are necessary for identification of its real conservation status, which is provisionally assessed now as “Data Deficient” in accordance with IUCN criteria.

Keyword: Ha Giang Province, limestone endemism, Lysionotus chatungi, L. hagiangensis, L. petelotii

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