Research Paper

Oreocharis tianlinensis, a new species of Gesneriaceae from the limestone area in northwestern Guangxi, China

Ren-Chuan Hu, Qi-Min Hu, Ying Qin, Wei-Bin Xu, Yun-Feng Huang

Published on: 06 September 2022

Page: 479 - 483

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2022.67.479


The new species Oreocharis tianlinensis R.C. Hu, W.B. Xu & Y.Feng Huang is described and illustrated in this paper. It is morphologically similar to Oreocharis aimodisca Lei Cai, Z.L. Dao & F. Wen in leaves elliptic to ovate, calyx 5-parted to the base, corolla yellow, tube robustly tubular, gradually expanded from base to the throat, but differs in blade margin and abaxial main vein and lateral veins, petiole, and calyx densely rust-brown villosus outside; inflorescence 1 (or 2)-flowered, bracts 3; calyx lobes equal, margin entire; stamens 4, didynamous; capsule cylindrical, 3–3.5 cm long, glabrous. Also, O. tianlinensis is morphologically similar to O. longifolia (Craib) Mich.Möller & A.Weber, O. aurantiaca Burtt and O. muscicola (Diels) Mich.Möller & A.Weber in the appearance and color of its flowers, but differs in leaf-blade broadly ovate, base shallow heart, margin crenate; inflorescence 1 (or 2)-flowered, bracts 3; filaments and pistil sparsely glandular puberulent; anthers oblong, separated.

Keyword: Limestone flora, new species, Oreocharis aimodisca, O. longifolia, O. aurantiaca, O. muscicola, taxonomy

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