Research Paper

Thottea beungongtanoeh (Aristolochiaceae), a new species from Aceh, northern Sumatra

Wendy A. Mustaqim, Zulfan Arico

Published on: 09 November 2022

Page: 587 - 590

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2022.67.587


A species new to science, Thottea beungongtanoeh Mustaqim (Aristolochiaceae), is described based on a specimen collected from a lowland mixed dipterocarp forest in the eastern part of Aceh Province, the northernmost province in Sumatra. This species differs from all previously described species in having 33-lobed style, the highest count for the genus. Morphological description, distribution, phenology, comparison with the similar species, and the photographs of the living plants are provided.

Keyword: Acehnese Language, cauliflory Indonesia, the lowland mixed dipterocarp forest , Thottea grandiflora, West Malesia

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