Research Paper

Gastrochilus linzhiensis (Aeridinae, Vandeae, Epidendroideae, Orchidaceae), a new species from Xizang, China

Meng-Kai Li, Ying-Peng Yu, Peng-Yue Ma, Xue-Da Chen, Jian-Ping Deng, Qiang Liu, Yan Luo, Zhen Xing

Published on: 02 August 2023

Page: 314 - 317

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2023.68.314


A new species Gastrochilus linzhiensis M.K.Li, Y.Luo & Z.Xing from Linzhi City, Xizang, China is described and illustrated here. It is morphologically similar to G. prionophyllus and G. distichus, butcan be distinguished from them in having no awned leaf, smaller flowers, semicircular epichile, cushion with 2–3 round papillary projection, and conically elongated hypochile.

Keyword: Data Deficient, Gastrochilus distichus, Gastrochilus prionophyllus, section Microphyllae

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