Research Paper

A new species of Mussaenda (Rubiaceae) from the southern extent of the Western Ghats Mountain Range, India

Kanjiraparambil Arjunan Sujana, Rakesh Gopala Vadhyar

Published on: 09 November 2023

Page: 458 - 464

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2023.68.458


Mussaenda conferta, a new monomorphic species from the southern extent of India's Western Ghats Mountain range, is described and illustrated. The new species is morphologically similar to Mussaenda hirsutissima but distinct by its growth form, shape and size of the stipules, calycophylls and fruits. SEM images of the pollen and seeds of the new species are provided here showing (3–)4-colporate grains and the seeds with tubercular thickenings in inner periclinal and anticlinal walls.

Keyword: Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary, Mussaenda conferta, Mussaenda hirsutissima, pollen, SEM

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