Research Paper

An updated synopsis of Lysimachia L. (Lysimachieae, Primulaceae) of Taiwan

Kuo-Fang Chung, Yoshiko Kono, Chia-Lun Hsieh, Li-Wei Tsai, Hong-Wun Chen, Hsun-An Yang, Diego T. Vasques, Goro Kokubugata, Ching-I Peng, Kazuo Oginuma

Published on: 31 May 2024

Page: 207 - 228

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.207


Based on literature review, molecular phylogenetics of ITS sequences, and chromosome cytology, the taxonomy of Lysimachia s.l. (Primulaceae) of Taiwan is updated. Amongst the 15 taxa recognized in the most recent work of the genus in Taiwan, L. ardisioides is synonymized under L. simulans that has long been neglected, L. arvensis var. caerulea is elevated to specific status and replaced with the name L. loeflingii, the specific status of the newly described L. ravenii is reaffirmed, and L. congestiflora, a misapplied name, is corrected to L. taiwaniana. We also identify references that represent the genuine first reports of the genus Lysimachia and L. candida of Taiwan, respectively, and reveals L. taiwaniana as an isonym that was published independently twice by two different authors based on the same type. To stabilize the taxonomy of Lysimachia of Taiwan, L. capillipes Hemsl., L. consobrina Hance, L. decurrens var. recurvata Matsum., L. formosana Honda, L. mauritiana Lam., L. lineariloba Hook. & Arn., and L. nigropunctata are lectotypified, and L. candida Lindl. is neotypified. The recently described L. lalashanensis S.S.Ying and L. nanhutashanensis S.S.Ying are synonymized under L. capillipes Hemsl. and L. taiwaniana Suzuki, respectively.

Keyword: Chromosome cytology, isonym, lectotype, molecular phylogenetics, neotype, TaiCOL, taxonomic literature

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