Research Paper

Persicaria subterranea, a new species of Polygonaceae (Polygonoideae: Persicarieae) from Xizang of southwest China

Zhen-Hua Zhu, Shu-Qing Lei, Bo Li

Published on: 04 June 2024

Page: 237 - 243

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.237


Persicaria subterranea Bo Li, a new species from Xizang in southwestern China, is described and illustrated in this study. Gross morphology and pollen micromorphology corroborate its placement within Persicaria sect. Cephalophilon. Unique to this section, P. subterranea is the only species known to exhibit subterranean cleistogamous flowers, making it distinct within the sect. Cephalophilon. Morphologically, it shows the closest resemblance to P. glacialis (Meisn.) H. Hara and its variety, P. glacialis var. przewalskii (A.K. Skvortsov & Borodina) M.J. Kong & S.P. Hong. However, it could be readily distinguished from these related taxa by leaf shapes and indumentum, inflorescence structure, number of stamens, and achene morphology. In addition, we provide diagnostic characteristics, a detailed morphological description, line drawing, and information on the distribution and habitat for this new species, as along with comparable photographs of the three related taxa.

Keyword: Capitate inflorescence, Cephalophilon, cleistogamy, palynology, Persicaria glacialis, Polygonum, Tibet

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