Research Paper

Review of the genus Indocryphalus Eggers, 1939 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae) in Taiwan with a new species

Ching-Shan Lin, Roger A. Beaver

Published on: 06 June 2024

Page: 257 - 265

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.257


A new species of ambrosia beetle Indocryphalus chiyui Lin & Beaver (tribe Xyloterini LeConte, 1876) from Taiwan is described. The species is monogamous and xylomycetophagous, breeding in Castanopsis cuspidata var. carlesii (Hemsl.) Yamazaki (Fagaceae). Indocryphalus sordidus (Blandford) is recorded for the first time from Taiwan. Diagnostic characters, biological data and a key to species of Indocryphalus in Taiwan are provided.

Keyword: Ambrosia beetle, Xyloterini, Castanopsis, Indocryphalus chiyui, Indocryphalus pasohensis, Indocryphalus sordidus

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