1997 vol.42 no.2

Research Paper

Notes on Some Species of Vascular Plants of Taiwan

Yuen-Po Yang, Sheng-You Lu and Sheng-Zehn Yang

Published on: June 1997

Page: 86 - 90

DOI: 10.6165/tai.1997.42.86

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1997 vol.42 no.2 pp.86-90


The changes of nomenclature and/or taxonomic ranks are made for some taxa of Eurya, Taxillus, Scurrula, and Quercus of Taiwan. Eurya nitida Korthals var. nanjenshanensis Hsieh, Ling and Yang is elevated as Eurya nanjenshanensis (Hsieh, Lin and Yang) Yang and Lu, stat. nov.; Eurya taitungensis Chang is reduced as Eurya glaberrima Hayata var. taitungensis (Chang) Yang and Yang, stat. nov.; Eurya acuminata DC. Is excluded from the flora of this island; Scurrula L. is retained instead of being merged to Taxillus van Tiegh., and Taxillus tsai Chiu is combined as Scurrula tsai (Chiu) Yang and Lu comb. Nov.; Scurrula theifer (Hayata) Danser is recognized as a synonym of Scurrula ritozanensis (Hayata) Danser.


台灣產柃木屬 (Eurya)、鈍果桑寄生屬 (Taxillus) 和梨果桑寄生屬 (Scurrula) 中數種植物學名行以下之改變。南仁山柃木 (Eurya nitida Korthals var. nanjenshanensis Hsieh, Ling & Yang) 由變種升為種 (Eurya nanjenshanensis (Hsieh, Ling and Yang) Yang and Lu);台東柃木 (Eurya taitungensis Chang) 降為厚葉柃木之變種 (Eurya glaberrima (Chang) Yang and Yang);銳葉柃木 (Eurya acuminata DC.) 不分佈於台灣;梨果桑寄生屬 (Scurrula) 應予保留,而不併於鈍果桑寄生屬 (Taxillus) 中,因而蓮華池寄生 (Taxillus tsai Chiu) 應併為 (Scurrula tsai (Chiu) Yang and Lu);埔姜桑寄生 (Scurrula theifer (Hayata) Danser) 為李棟山桑寄生 (Scurrula ritozanensis (Hayata) Danser) 之異名。 關鍵詞:柃木屬、鈍果桑寄生屬、梨果桑寄生屬、臺灣。

Keyword: Eurya, Scurrula, Taxillus, Taiwan