1997 vol.42 no.2

Research Paper

Anthecological Relationship Between Endangered Eremostachys superba Royle ex Benth. (Labiatae) and It's Pollinator

Arti Garg and R. R. Rao

Published on: June 1997

Page: 99 - 103

DOI: 10.6165/tai.1997.42.99

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1997 vol.42 no.2 pp.99-103


The endangered species Eremostachys superba Royle ex Benth. Is pollinated by a bee, Nomia rustica West. Scanning Electron Micrographs of the pollen loads attached to the insect body revealed that there is no pollen mixing. The unornamented pollen adhere together by their sticky 'pollenkitt' and get trapped by the dense setae of the bee's hind legs. Precise placement of pollen on the stigma is thereby ensured.


瀕臨絕種邊緣的印度沙穗(Eremoatachys superba Royle ex Benth.)是由一種學名為鄉野牧場集蜂(Nomia rustica West.)的蜂類所傳粉。以掃描式電子顯微鏡分析由此蜂身上所取得之花粉團(pollen load),結果顯示其組成為同一種花粉。這種沒有花紋的花粉由花粉脂 (pollenkitt) 黏著成團,並且一起黏附在鄉野牧場集蜂具有許多剛毛的後腿。因此花粉落在柱頭上的正確位置得以被確定。 關鍵詞:印度沙穗、鄉野牧場集蜂、花粉團、花粉脂。

Keyword: Eremostachys superba, Nomia rustica, Pollen loads, `Pollenkitt'.