Research Paper

Two New Records of Scleria Bergius (Cyperaceae) in Taiwan

Wai-Chao Leong and Chang-Sheng Kuoh

Published on: December 2000

Page: 334 - 339

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2000.45(4).334


Scleria laeviformis Tang & Wang and S. scrobiculata Nees & Mey. ex Nees are newly recorded sedges in Taiwan. Descriptions and line drawings are provided for both species. A key to species of Scleria in Taiwan is also provided.


本文報導光果珍珠茅(Scleria laeviformis Tang & Wang)及輪葉珍珠茅(S. scrobiculata Nees & Mey. ex Nees)為最近發現於台灣之新記錄莎草科植物(Cyperaceae)。其中輪葉珍珠茅在台灣的發現是本種分布的北限。文中並給予描述、手繪圖及台灣產珍珠茅屬植物之檢索表。

Keyword: Cyperaceae, Scleria laeviformis, S. scrobiculata, Taiwan.

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