Research Paper

Chirita rongshuiensis, a New Species of Gesneriaceae from Northern Guangxi, China

Yu-Song Huang, Wei-Bin Xu and Yan Liu

Published on: 23 March 2011

Page: 54 - 57

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2011.56(1).54

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2011 vol.56 no.1 pp.54-57


Chirita rongshuiensis Yan Liu & Y. S. Huang, a new species of Gesneriaceae from Guangxi, China, is described and illustrated. This species is similar to Chirita shouchengensis Z. Y. Li, but differs in the following characters: the surface of leaf blade strigose, corolla tube slender, corolla lobes oblong, anthers reniform, cymes 1-2 branched, 3-9-flowered, peduncle 3-7 cm long, the efflorescence is June to July.


描述了中國廣西苦苣苔科(Gesneriaceae)一新種—融水唇柱苣苔(Chirita rongshuiensis Yan Liu & Y. S. Huang)。該種與壽城唇柱苣苔(Chirita shouchengensis Z. Y. Li)相似,但葉面被糙伏毛,花冠筒細長,花冠裂片長圓形,花藥腎形,聚傘花序1-2分枝,具花3-9朵,花序梗長3-7cm,花期6-7月可與後者區別。

Keyword: Chirita rongshuiensis, karst cave, limestone flora, new species, Guangxi,融水唇柱苣苔,岩溶洞穴,石灰岩植物區系,新種,廣西