Research Paper

New species and taxonomic notes of Aspidistra (Asparagaceae) for the flora of China and Laos

Hong-Bo Ding, Kai-Chun Xiong, Bin Yang, Jian-Tao Yin, Somsanith Bouamanivon, Yun-Hong Tan

Published on: 18 September 2021

Page: 439 - 449

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2021.66.439

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2021 vol.66 no.4 pp.439-449


Two new species (Aspidistra depingiana Y.H.Tan & H.B.Ding, A. partita Y.H.Tan & H.B.Ding) and two newly recorded species (A. sutepensis K.Larsen, A. larutensis Wilde & A.Vogel) of Aspidistra (Asparagaceae) from China and Laos are described. Aspidistra depingiana and A. sutepensis are new to the flora of China, while A. partita and A. larutensis are new to the flora of Laos. The photographies, the distribution, phenology and voucher specimens for all the mentioned taxa are provided.

Keyword: Aspidistra, Plant Diversity, Taxonomy, Transboundary Conservation, Yunnan