Research Paper

Henckelia medogensis (Gesneriaceae), a new endemic species from Xizang, China

Wen-Guang Wang, Jian-Yong Shen, Ming-Xu Zhao, Zhen Liu, Xing-Da Ma, Ji-Pu Shi, Fang Wen

Published on: 11 July 2022

Page: 386 - 390

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2022.67.386

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2022 vol.67 no.3 pp.386-390


Henckelia medogensis, a new species from Mêdog (SE Xizang, China), is described and illustrated. The new species is mostly similar to H. lallanii and H. peduncularis, but clearly differs from the former mainly by its densely red pubescent stems and leaves, purple flowers, larger corolla size, and with white pubescent outside of the corolla tube. It also differs from the latter mainly by its single flower, free and smaller bracts, corolla tube nearly straight and ovary hairy. H. medogensis was assessed to be vulnerable based on criteria outlined by IUCN Red List Categories.

Keyword: Gesneriaceae, Henckelia lallanii, H. peduncularis, new species, Xizang, China