2013 vol.58 no.4


On the Rediscovery of Musa ochracea K.Sheph. (Musaceae) from North-East India

Alfred Joe, Mamiyil Sabu and Puravannoor Edakkattillam Sreejith

Published on: 06 December 2013

Page: 321 - 325

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2013.58.321

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2013 vol.58 no.4 pp.321-325


Since the publication of Musa ochracea by Shepherd in 1964, based on a specimen from an unknown locality, this taxon has not been collected from the wild. Here Musa ochracea is rediscovered after a lapse of about half a century from North-East India. Detailed description, illustration, photographs, distribution and ecological details are provided. IUCN conservation status based on the field study is also provided.


自從1964年Shepherd發表原生地未知的Musa ochracea以來,並沒有任何關於此種的野外採集紀錄。本文報導了Musa ochracea在印度西北逾半世紀後的再發現,同時也是首次的野外採集紀錄;本文並提供分類描述、圖畫、照片、地理分布及詳細的生態資料,以及依野外觀察報告所擬定的IUCN保育狀態。

Keyword: Musa, Musa ochracea, Musaceae, North East India, rediscovery.