2022 vol.67 no.3

Research Paper

Sonerila lobbii comb. & stat. nov., a new species segregated from S. picta Korth. and S. parishii Stapf., and lectotypification of two names in the genus Sonerila (Melastomataceae)

Jarearnsak Sae Wai, Jer-Ming Hu

Published on: 12 August 2022

Page: 435 - 440

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2022.67.435

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2022 vol.67 no.3 pp.435-440



Sonerila picta Korth. is a widespread and morphologically diverse species in the family Melastomataceae. Sonerila picta Korth. var. lobbii C.B.Clarke was first described from Myanmar. Later, it was lumped into the synonymy of S. parishii Stapf. Comprehensive observations of morphology as well as phenology have revealed that the herbarium specimens identified as S. picta var. lobbii are also clearly different from the typical S. picta. The syntypes of S. parishii including C.S.P.Parish 429 (K) and two sheets of T.Lobb s.n. (K) are found to belong to two distinct species. Based on this study, we elevate the variety to the status of species, as Sonerila lobbii (C.B.Clarke) J.Wai & J.-M.Hu. The description and illustration are provided. We here also select C.S.P.Parish 429 (K) as the lectotype of S. parishii and select one of the sheets of T.Lobb s.n. (K) as the lectotype of S. picta var. lobbii, basionym of S. lobbii (C.B.Clarke) J.Wai & J.-M.Hu.

Keyword: lectotypification, new combination, Sonerila parishii, Sonerila picta var. lobbii, taxonomy



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