Research Paper

Two new species of Primula (Primulaceae) from Yunnan, China

Bin Yang, Ji-Dong Ya, Wei Zhang, Yu Song, Wen Wang, Zheng-Min Zhu, Jiang-Hai He, Yun-Jun Zuo, Yun-Hong Tan

Published on: 30 May 2023

Page: 230 - 240

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2023.68.230


Primula sugongii J.D.Ya, Bin Yang & Y.H.Tan and P. zhengyii Bin Yang & Y.H.Tan, two new species of Primulaceae from Yunlong County and Luchun County, Yunnan Province, China, are described based on morphological characters and phylogenetic evidence, and colour plates of these two species are also provided. The molecular phylogenetic analysis using the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (nrITS) and chloroplast genome, Primula sugongii was nested within the clade with most members of sect. Obconicolisteri, for Primula zhengyii, the phylogenetic position and its affiliation is somewhat controversial. Based on the comprehensive morphological evidence, they are affiliated to Primula sect. Obconicolisteri Balf. f.. Primula sugongii is morphologically similar to P. barbicalyx C.H.Wright in having short and pilose scapes and calyx, but it can be easily distinguished by its longer corolla tube and corolla exannulate at throat, and series of other characters of the leaf blade. Primula zhengyii is morphologically similar to P. zhui Y.H.Tan & Bin Yang and P. intanoensis T. Yamaz., but clearly differs from P. zhui by its shorter corolla tube and smaller flowers size and differs from P. intanoensis by its distylous flowers and several other characters of leaf blade.

Keyword: Primula barbicalyx, Primula intanoensis, Primula sugongii, Primula zhengyii, Primula zhui, Section Obconicolisteri

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