Research Paper

Morphological and molecular evaluation of Japanese Plicanthus R.M.Schust. (Anastrophyllaceae, Marchantiophyta)

Kyousuke Amamoto, Yuya Inoue, Mu Mu Aung, Tomio Yamaguchi

Published on: 01 June 2023

Page: 250 - 254

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2023.68.250


Plicanthus birmensis and P. hirtellus have been recognized in Japan. These species could be distinguished by features of ciliate leaf lobes and underleaves, and anatomy of stems. However, intermediate forms between these species can be found in Japan, and the circumscriptions of these species are unclear among Japanese populations. We evaluate morphological and molecular variations in Japanese Plicanthus to address the taxonomic identity of Japanese populations. The Japanese samples identified as P. birmensis, P. hirtellus and intermediate forms between them were nested within a clade. Among Japanese populations no significant correlation between morphological characters and phylogenetic relationships is confirmed, and the diagnostic characters to delimit these two species in Japan should be recognized as infraspecific variation. Thus, we recognize only one species, Plicanthus hirtellus in Japan.

Keyword: Anastrophyllaceae, Plicanthus hirtellus, Plicanthus birmensis, phylogenetic relationships, infraspecific variation

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