Research Paper

Camellia vanlangensis (Theaceae, Sect. Archecamellia), a new yellow-flowered species from Vietnam

Ngoc Bon Trinh, Van Dung Luong, Nguyet Hai Ninh Le, Van The Pham

Published on: 10 November 2023

Page: 465 - 471

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2023.68.465


A new plant species, Camellia vanlangensis, belonging to the Archecamellia section is described from Thanh Hoa Province, northern Vietnam. It grows up to 8 m tall and has big golden yellow flowers up to 8 cm wide. The flower is a solitary, subterminal, cup-shaped, with glabrous pedicel, 5–6 persistent bracteoles, 9–10 persistent orange-green sepals, and 10–11 petals. It has 130–150 stamens in 5 whorls, glabrous 3–5-loculed ovary, 3–5 distinct styles, 5-rigged and apex sunken of capsule. A detailed comparison between new species and two close related species, C. impressinervis and C. calcicola, is provided. Preliminary IUCN conservation status of this species is assigned as Critically Endangered (CR).

Keyword: Camellia calcicola, Camellia impressinervis, endangered species, flora, plant taxonomy, Van Lang, yellow flowers

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