Research Paper

Uncifera motuoensis (Orchidaceae), a new species from Xizang, China

Mingzhong Huang, Xueda Chen, Mengkai Li, Rongjie Zhu, Guanfei Zhao, Hubiao Yang, Liang Xi, Qinglong Wang, Langxing Yuan, Shisong Xu, Zhunian Wang, Zhen Liu, Jiabao Wang

Published on: 03 January 2024

Page: 20 - 23

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.20


A new species, Uncifera motuoensis (Orchidaceae: Epidedroideae: Aeridinae) from Xizang Autonomous Region, China is described and illustrated with detailed photos and scientific illustration. Detailed morphological comparisons indicate that U. motouensis is similar to U. obtusifolia, but differs in having entire mid-lobe of lip, narrower leaf blade and wider pollinarium stipe. For the identification, a key to the known seven species of Uncifera is presented.

Keyword: Aeridinae, Chinese orchids, Epidendroideae, Motuo County, new species, taxonomy, Uncifera, Uncifera obtusifolia

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