Research Paper

Taxonomy of Glyptotermes (Blattodea: Kalotermitidae) in Taiwan

Chia-Chien Wu, Jing-Fu Tsai, Hou-Feng Li

Published on: 05 January 2024

Page: 37 - 49

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.37


Glyptotermes Froggatt, 1897 (Blattodea: Kalotermitidae) is represented by two recorded species in Taiwan, namely G. fuscus Oshima, 1912, and G. satsumensis (Matsumura, 1907). However, there has been a lack of comprehensively survey taxonomic reviews on Glyptotermes in Taiwan for nearly a century. In order to address this gap and update the taxonomy of Glyptotermes species in Taiwan, we examined 281 colony specimens collected from Taiwan Island and its offshore islands. Morphological and molecular analyses based on 16S rDNA and COI were conducted, resulting in three distinct species: G. fuscus, G. satsumensis, and a new species named Glyptotermes albofemoralis sp. nov. The winged imago and soldier castes of the three species are described. A male winged imago of G. fuscus collected from the type locality is designated as the neotype.

Keyword: Glyptotermes albofemoralis, Glyptotermes fuscus, Glyptotermes satsumensis, new species, neotype, termite

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