Research Paper

Primulina adenopoda (Gesneriaceae),a new species from the limestone karst area of Jiangxi Province, China

Di-Ya Chen, Xiao-Hui Zeng, Wei-Long Cai, Xiao-Gang Wu, You-Ying Gao, Guo-Liang Xu

Published on: 06 March 2024

Page: 74 - 82

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.74


Primulina adenopoda (Gesneriaceae) is described and illustrated here. This new species resembles P. yangshanensis W.B.Xu & B.Pan and P. depressa (Hook.f.) Mich.Möller & A.Weber in leaf blade shape, corolla tube shape, and corolla color; phylogenetic analysis shows it is closely related them too, but it is distinct from them by indumentum characters, bracts number, corolla tube size, and placenta type. The conservation status of P. adenopoda is assessed as "Near Threatened" (NT) according to IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria.

Keyword: Flora of Jiangxi, IUCN, Primulina depressa, Primulina yangshanensis, Taxonomy, Yushiyan Scenic Spot

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