Chromosome numbers and reproductive modes of some species of the fern genus Tectaria from the Malesian region

Titien Ngatinem Praptosuwiryo, Izu Andry Fijridiyanto, Joko Ridho Witono

Published on: 08 March 2024

Page: 109 - 121

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.109


Chromosome numbers and reproductive mode for nine species of Tectarioid ferns of Indonesia are reported here to add new cytological accounts for the genus Tectaria (Tectariaceae) of the Malesian region. This study aimed to (1) observe the somatic chromosome number of some species of Tectaria in the Malesian region; and (2) determine the reproduction types of the observed species by counting the spore number per sporangium. The results verified the formerly reported basic chromosome numbers x = 40 for the genus Tectaria. The present study has revealed the presence of 5 species of sexual diploids, one species of sterile triploid, and two species of sexual tetraploids. This study also reported new records of chromosome numbers for Tectariod ferns of the Malesian region from sexual diploid (2n = 80) of T. aurita (Sw.) S.Chandra, T. melanocaulos (Blume) Copel., T. palmata (Mett.) Copel., and T. zollingeri (Kurz.) Holttum, and sterile triploid (2n = 120) T. menyanthidis (C.Presl) Copel. The chromosome numbers of sexual diploid (2n = 80) T. angulata (Willd.) Copel. and tetraploid (2n = 160) T. barberi (Hook.) Copel., sexual tetraploid (2n = 160) T. polymorpha (Wall. ex Hook.) Copel., sexual diploid (2n = 80) and sexual tetraploid (2n = 160) T. semipinnata (Roxb.) C.V.Morton are reported for the first time collected from Central Kalimantan, Java and Sumatra, respectively.

Keyword: chromosome number, Indonesia, Malesian region, reproduction mode, Tectaria

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