Research Paper

Begonia ornithopedata (sect. Coelocentrum), a new species with the bird-foot shaped leaves from Guangxi of China

Songwei Wang, Jiaqi Qin, Renkun Li, Qingzhong Peng, Daike Tian

Published on: 01 April 2024

Page: 129 - 132

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.129


China is highly rich in diversity of Begonia, and in which Guangxi Zhuangzu Autonomous Region, following Yunnan province, has the second highest number of Begonia species. As a distribution center of Begonia sect. Coelocentrum, Guangxi already had 58 species recognized in this section. In this paper, Begonia ornithopedata, a new taxon of B. sect. Coelocentrum from southwestern Guangxi is described. With the bird-foot-shape lobed leaves, the new species is easily distinguished from any of other taxa, excepting few similarities only in leaf morphology of B. laminariae Irmsch. and B. circumlobata Hance. Its conservation status is assigned as the Endangered according to The Guidelines for Using the IUCN Red List Categories.

Keyword: Begonia circumlobata, Begonia fangii, Begonia laminariae, Begonia leipingensis, karst region, Platycentrum

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