Research Paper

A new lithophilous species of Gesneriaceae, Primulina jinyu, from the limestone area of Hubei Province, China

Li Ding, Xiao-Cong Ke, Fang Wen

Published on: 15 May 2024

Page: 178 - 184

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2024.69.178


Primulina jinyu F.Wen, L.Ding & X.C.Ke, a new species of Gesneriaceae from the limestone area of Hubei, Central China, is described and illustrated. This new species is morphologically similar to P. chizhouensis Xin Hong, S.B.Zhou & F.Wen, but it can be easily distinguished from the latter by several characteristics, such as the indumentum of leaf blades, and the shape of bracts, the colour and indumentum of corolla, and the number and indumentum of staminodes, etc. The conservation status of P. jinyu can be considered as Critically Endangered [CR B2a+B2b(v)].

Keyword: Chirita, Flora of Hubei, limestone flora, new taxon, Primulina chizhouensis, taxonomy

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